Greetings from “Pugmarks” – South City Pet Owners Group!


Glad to know that you have a pet! Owning a pet is lot of fun, and also a great responsibility. In an apartment community like ours, it is very important that we follow some rules so that pets remain fun, and do not cause inconvenience to the community and maintain hygiene.


1.    Keep your pet immunised as per schedule advised by your Veterinary Doctor.

2.    PET OWNERS MUST PICK UP PET POOP AND DISPOSE THE SAME IN PET WASTE BINS  (PLACED AROUND THE CAMPUS) OR SANITARY BINS  (PLACED IN EACH BUILDING). Carry some rough paper/old newspaper sheet with you for clean up while you walk your pet! Pet waste must be neatly wrapped in Newspaper before disposal in the bin.

3.    No exceptions to the above rule! Pet waste SHOULD NOT be left behind anywhere – even if it is in the bushes, off from usual walking paths, school bus stops etc.

4.    Do not let your pet soil lifts, lobbies and ramps. Should soiling occur, please CLEAN UP IMMEDIATELY!

5.    Do not let your pet urinate near driveways, walkways, near building entrances etc. Walk quickly past such areas, and do not stop / let your pet wander. This will avoid such areas being soiled with pet urine.

6.    Keep your pet on leash while in common areas.

7.    Spread the above information among pet owners!


Thank you very much for your support! Please forward / distribute this to Pet owners in and around South City. If you see any Pet owner/handler littering, please politely advise them to follow guidelines.






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Veterinary Doctors

Lakeside Veterinary Clinic (Dr. Ethiraj)
#21/83, South End Road, Basavanagudi,
Landmark: Near Surana College
Phone: (080) 26608668Mobile: +91 900843063

Dr. Pampapathi’s Veterinary Clinic
#606, 15th Cross Ring Road
J.P. Nagar, 1st Phase
Phone: (080)-2665 3555 Mobile:  +91-9740 0660 81

Bannerghatta Pet Clinic (Shashi)
No.73, Behind Reliance Mart, 4th Cross,
Arekere Gate,
Phone: (080) 49179588          Mobile: +91 9886212773

Jeeva Veterinary Clinic,

JP Nagar 1st Phase,

Bangalore, India 560078

Phone: (080) 2245 2428

Rakshith Vet-Pet Clinic (Dr Yatish)

No. 4, 15th Main, 15th Cross, JP Nagar 2nd Phase

Phone: (080) 2659 5897, Mobile: 9611100324

CUPA Animal Care Clinic
No. 4, (Old No.39/1) New Devegowda Road,
Thimmaiah Garden, Ist Main, 
R.T. Nagar, Bangalore 560 032
Phone: (080) 22947312/ 22947313

Pet Shops

Royal Pet Care (Ravi)
Opp. R.B.I. Layout Water Tank,
Puttenahalli, Near Elita Apts,
Phone (080) 41134402  Mobile: +91 99867 09490.


# 475, 1st Cross, 5th Block, Koramangala, 

Phone: (080) 40927524

Mobile: +91 9739000950 

Pet Boarding

StayAtZanias (Sunu Philip)

Opposite to Royal Meenakshi Mall,

Bannerghatta Road.

+91 99 16 922015

Furs and Petals (Voilet)

No.226, Opp Kwality Coffee Factory,

Thalgatpura Post,  off Kanakapura Road.

+91 948353 6969

666 Kennels

No.34/2, Adjacent To Nice Road,

Kanakapura Main Road. Mobile:  9740007070

Pet Space, 117/1, Behind 'August Grand' Apts

Near Wipro Corporate Office

Off Sarjapur Road,

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