Dear Apartment owners

Sub : Appeal to all Non resident owners

The population of pet dogs in South city is increasing day by day and so also does their dirtying of the Lifts and other common areas, thanks to the irresponsible behaviour of some of their owners.

SUGRUHA believes that this problem can be managed better if the Non resident owners do not let out their Apartments to persons who own or plan to own pet dogs. This is because, out of about 1500 families residing at present in South city, hardly 600 are Resident owners and the rest are Tenants and quite a few Tenants have more than one pet dog being raised by them.

We therefore appeal to all the Non resident owners to include a suitable clause in their lease agreement with their Tenants, prohibiting the latter from raising any pet dog(s) in their Apartments.

We seek the co operation of all Non resident owners in this regard so that South city will be a cleaner place.

Thanking you,